25 Christmas Stocking Filler Ideas For Your Teenage Girl

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You may think that Christmas stocking fillers for teenage girls will be expensive but they don’t have to be.

Save the DVD’S and CD’S to go under the Christmas tree and use this list as a starting point for buying smaller treats and necessities for her stocking.

Remember that a lot of the items you would have to buy anyway (or get talked into buying!) so by adding them as small gifts at Christmas time you are keeping ahead of the game.

1. Candles and candle holders

2. Photo frames

3. Underwear and socks/ tights

4. Toiletries, hair accessories and cosmetics (nail varnish, makeup brushes, deodorant, face masks, bubble bath, lipstick and moisturiser)

5. Notebook/diary/journal

6. Magazines / books

7. Chocolate and sweets (Always a favourite!)

8. Handbag

9. Purse/wallet

10. Key ring

11. Ornaments / things for room such as a dream catcher, chimes, lamp etc

12. Clock – either a wall clock, alarm clock or new watch.

13. Jewellery (earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings etc)

14. Jewellery box (You need to keep all that jewellery that was in the stocking somewhere!)

15. Pens and pencils

16. Disposable camera / photo album.

17. Writing paper/envelopes/cards

18. Posters or postcards to decorate bedroom

19. Storage boxes / magazine holders / desk tidies

20. Mobile phone top up cards or a prepaid phone card

21. Mobile phone accessories such as a new cover, ring tone, game or picture icon

22. Teddy bear.....Well you have to have one more to keep the others company!

23. Gift vouchers for clothes, cinema tickets, restaurants/cafes, beauty salons (for a manicure, facial etc)

24. Electronic games - Not just for boys!

25. Hobby and interest items – Add items which she is interested in and can use whether she likes fashion and makeup, art, sport, horses, reading or computers.

If you are still stuck for ideas or need a few extra items simply listen to your teenage girl when you are out shopping. Take notes of the “I like that”…….. “Oh wow”……… and so on! Good luck and have fun collecting all of the things she will love opening on Christmas morning!

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