6 Useful Tips to Cut Wedding Costs

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Weddings are very nice occasions people want to attend to. But they can be time consuming and demand enormous attention on the part of the couple with lots of things to prepare for, in order for their wedding to be memorable. They can be very expensive, too. So how can you prepare for your wedding if you wan to save and are on a budget? Here are some tips.

1.Invitations. If you think that inviting people by giving them cards with fancy designs and made of expensive ink is still important to you, you may consider discarding that idea. Youíre on a budget, right? Your main goal is to cut costs on things not that important to you. Besides, the people youíre inviting might just throw them away after reading it or when the wedding is over, so why bother? It could just waste your time and money. If you still insist on giving them invitations, then do it on a budget. You may go for DIY wedding cards instead. Or buy an inexpensive ink and cheap but lovely papers. You may also just send them an ecard, especially to people living out of the country. Or better yet, if youíre not thinking about formality, just call them.

2.Guests. The number of guests shouldnít be too large if you want to cut wedding costs. Invite only your closest friends and family members. Youíll save on the food, too.

3.Photographer. No matter what the cost is, youíll be able to find a professional wedding photographer. If you want your memories to last forever, then hire a professional who has the equipment and knows his craft. Itís a more preferable choice to a mere hobbyist who just might make mistakes. Remember, youíre paying for a service and you donít want to risk on it.

4.Cake. If youíre no the type who values the look of your wedding cake a lot, then donít go for a tall, grand look that costs a lot. Have a small cakeshop do the job instead.

5.Musicians. Donít go for a band if you canít afford it. Hire a very talented small-time singer instead. Give her the piece or the songs she will sing in advance and make sure sheíll be able to carry them out really well.

6.Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize. There are things that you want in your wedding that may not be within your budget. List those that are important to you in one group, then list those that are not in another. Learn to give value to those you believe will make your wedding memorable and discard the ones that are just frill to you, or go for a budget-friendly alternative. The key is to adjust with the budget you have.

A wedding is an important occasion to people who will spend their lives together, and it must be something that should be taken much time and preparation. Remember to save in advance if you want to have that special day a success to you both, and to people who will attend it.

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Dulce Azogue is a work-at-home mom with two kids. Learn the best tips and tactics like these to cut your wedding costs and still have a beautiful wedding. To get your FREE information, visit http://www.the-oriental-home.com/weddingtips/index.html where you an download the ebook, ď101 Money Saving TipsĒ at no cost.

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