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Use your spare bedroom to start your own preseason indoor greenhouse and teach your teen that living space is a valuable commodity!

A Double Whammy: Use Your Spare Bedroom to Start Your Own Preseason Indoor Greenhouse and Teach Your Teen that Living Space Is a Valuable Commodity?

Does your teen have a mountain of dirty laundry piled to the top of the bedroom ceiling? Is the floor of your teenís bedroom a sea of scattered music CD jackets, game boy cartridges, books, magazines, and a swamp of other precarious items in vast disarray? Are wires crisscrossing through the air in every direction leading toward stereo amplifier speakers haphazardly perched upon the bookshelves above a desk?

You say, as parents of teenage children, you cannot afford a patio sunroom addition to your home at this time because you must buy all those spiffy clothes that sit in a huge pile of dirty laundry in your teenís bedroom. Many parents with teenage children dream about the day their teenage son or daughter flies from the nest and a spare bedroom suddenly becomes available to enjoy a favorite hobby.

Parents, this may be the year to use your spare bedroom to start your own preseason indoor greenhouse and teach your teen that living space is a valuable commodity. At least you can start thinking and planning for next year. A work-table above your teens bed will be a just a minor temporary inconvenience for your teenager.

What items are recommended to start an indoor preseason greenhouse? For starters, two or three cafeteria style 6 ft. by 2 Ĺ feet picnic tables provide excellent and convenient tabletop work space to start trays of flower seedlings. The 2 Ĺ feet width of two cafeteria style picnic tables nicely adjoins your average width of a 3 foot window frame. In order for seedlings on each table to share benefit of sunlight filtering through the bedroom window, the two cafeteria style picnic tables can be buttress together for seedlings on each table to receive maximum exposure to sunlight.

Also recommended to start a preseason indoor greenhouse are: (1) premium peat pots produced and distributed by Plantation Products, (2) cat litter pans for sale at the local neighborhood General Dollar Store at a very economical low price of $2.00 per pan, and (3) Miracle-Gro Enriched Potting Mix available at your local Walmart Department Store.

One cat litter pan will hold twenty-four large Plantation Inc. premium peat pots. A cat litter pan will hold forty Plantation Inc. small premium peat pots. Water can be added to the bottom of the cat litter pan to adequately soak your peat pots and quench the thirst of your sprouting seedlings.

Year after year, your relatively small investment in picnic tables and cat litter pans will be available to save you lots of money. Just think about all those big beautiful flowering strong healthy plants that will sprout from your seedlings? Just think about the many bright color blossoms that will adorn your outdoor garden.

Plus, you can always water your teenager if he or she has a problem of waking up on time to catch the school bus in the morning. The valuable lesson your teenager will learn may help your teen get motivated to volunteer in his or her community. The early morning baptism your teen may receive when you, as a parent, water your spring seedlings early in the morning may bless your teen with more time to search volunteer opportunities with the volunteer service project, www.SERVEnet.org.

Your experimental preseason indoor greenhouse, started in your teenagers bedroom, will be like a modern day suburban version of a long ago bygone era when a rural agriculture family farm unit got up early in the morning to plow and work the fields before the rooster crowed.

Bookmark and visit this web page often for an URL link to an original animated cartoon illustrating these combined parenting and gardening principles, coming soon to a computer screen near year!

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Author byline and Bio: Mark Gaffney is a contributing freelance writer. Mark has earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with a concentration of coursework in physiology, biology, and computer science. Mark is in the process of trying to start a new Not-for-Profit Foundation entitled, Wonderful Life Foundation. Mark plans to submit his online work as a thesis project to earn his Doctorate (PhD.) degree and officially become a Nanotechnology Sociologist. Bookmark this page now and click here to review preliminary plans for organizational development of Wonderful Life Foundation currently published on www.ServeNet.org. ServeNet.org, Idealist.org, and Network-for-Good.org are associated with the government web site portal, www.freedomcorp.gov, an initiative of President George W. Bush to promote volunteerism and provide services to help Not-for-Profit organizations.

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