All Work and No Play?

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Let's face it. Being an adult can be just plain B-O-R-I-N-G. Learn how to spice it up!

How to have a successful and EXCITING life!

Do you have an “okay” life, one that’s overall satisfactory, but none too exciting? Are you stuck in a rut and want to experience something different for a change? In your striving to lead a “balanced life,” do you sometimes wish that you could become a little less balanced, and let your wild and crazy side run free for a while?

Here’s the scoop, plain and simple. Sorry to say, but living the life of a “responsible” adult isn’t always such a blast. We actually sometimes have to make a conscious effort to fight the monotony of doing the same ol’, same ol’, day in and day out.

Could you be suffering from a case of the “blahs?” To find out, check to see if any of the signs and symptoms apply to you:

1) Your idea of an evening out when you’re “livin’ on the edge,” is ordering your Number 3 value meal “super sized.”

2) You can’t recall hearing yourself laugh out loud since “Annie Hall” came out in the theatres.

3) You enjoy taking marketing survey calls so you can talk to someone who actually wants to hear your opinion.

4) You watch FOX NEWS over (and over) again all day long ~ just in case there’s breaking news.

5) You wait for the mail carrier to come and bring junk mail for you to open.

6) You enjoy listening to a fellow soccer mom share for the 4th time the graphic details all of her five difficult births.

If you admit to even just ONE of the above symptoms (OR, if you can name which products were featured on QVC today), you just may want to consider adding a little sizzle to your life! The easiest way to add some pizzazz is to replace something (or someone) dull with something (anything) new. While this may initially a bit scary, remember that variety is the spice of life. So let the excitement begin!

In order to figure out what kind of “oomph” you want to add, grab a pen and a notebook, and ask yourself the following questions:

1) What fun things (legal ones only) did I do in high school that I am no longer doing?

2) What great things did my childhood friends used to say about me that no one says anymore?

3) When was the last time I laughed so hard that I lost control?

4) When did I last entertain a guest whose life story I had not yet heard three times?

5) Which people do I know who seem to laugh often and heartily ~ at themselves?

6) If I could spend a long vacation all by my lonesome, where would I go? And what wild and crazy things would I do once I got there? (After placing a bag over my head and consuming 5 shots of tequila, that is)?

7) Who’s the “spiciest” woman I know, and what kinds of things does she do for fun that the rest of us only dream about?

8) What one thing could I do right now to give me even a little taste of something I love (Hey! Keep it clean!)

The answers to these questions will start you thinking about how to come up with adding more “oomph!” to your life. As you ponder these questions, who knows what you’ll come up with? Maybe you’ll discover that you always used to laugh hysterically when you went to silly movies (a la Steve Martin & Chevy Chase). So you’ll now make it a point to scan the movie listings regularly to check for zany new comedies. Or perhaps it will come back to you that, as a child, you used to catch butterflies in the backyard, and frogs and turtles in the pond near your house. This discovery may lead to a new hobby involving wildlife conservation efforts. Perhaps you will recall the fun you had playing Mad Libs at slumber parties with your friends, or having a blast sailing the bay with friends in high school? These memories may spur you on to have “girls-only” nights with dear friends, or take sailing lessons with a pal or two.

The fun we had in our youth – with friends, sports, hobbies, organizations, activities – give us clues as to how to again capture some of the thrills and excitement of so long ago. Allow yourself to reminisce about the “good ol’ days”, and chances are you’ll be able to re-capture some of the excitement and joy of yesteryear.

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About the Author

Cathy Garger, is a Personal Certified Coach, writer, and workshop presenter with a B.S. in Psychology. Cathy works with women in search of greater happiness and success, and believes that getting there is half the fun! Find out more at http://savorsuccess.com

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