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Ethnic handicrafts and home decorations
In India, cane and bamboo have since ancient history given form to the expression of tribal art and provided them livelihood. Today it adorns the homes of the rich and elite and mud-houses alike. Many useful as well as decorative items are made out of these.

Baskets and mats are the most popular items in this category. Fishing contraptions are prepared of bamboo and cane, each with a distinct shape. One the most interesting and colorful item is bamboo and leaf-headgear for tea garden workers and farmers. Umbrella handles made of bamboo are a speciality of the northeast. A number of designs like leaves, plants and creepers are etched on them. A variety of furniture items are made to suit the modern homes.

Tripura is famous for its bamboo work, made from split bamboo, so finely done that they acquire an ivory look. The best-known places for basketry and mats are Assam and Bengal, eastern states of India. Assam, a state with abundant raw materials, has a large variety of beautiful products like baskets, mugs for rice beer, hukkas, musical instruments, floor mats, fishing devices and handles. Baskets and mats from Bengal and Tripura look similar. Elegant screens made from split bamboo are a speciality in Tripura. Mizo baskets, made for storing rice, is woven with four long bamboo splints at the corners. Arunachal Pradesh excels in cane and bamboo work with bamboo bridges and cane belts.

Orissa has some outstanding items, like articles made from what is known as the golden grass. Manipur has unusual type of baskets, with dome shaped lid made out of bamboo. Tamil Nadu is famed for its kora grass mats. Extremely delicate, and indeed the most aristocratic of mats in the world, are made in Kerala. Square bamboo box made here is perfectly gorgeous with black and white design.

For more information and see these fine bamboo crafts, visit http://www.ethnocraft.com

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Somsubhro is a free lance writer in various websites and magazines. His hobby is tracking and writing about various ethnic handicrafts and sculptures from different parts of the world.

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