Be Kinder and Gentler to Yourself

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While plans are important, we need to remember that the most important
thing we must do is to take care of ourselves. An aerobic instructor
once told our class that her resolution was to be kinder and more gentle
in how she treats herself.

I like that idea and it falls right in line with one of my favorite
acronyms * IALAC *
I am lovable and capable. If you believe that idea it will be easier to
be good to yourself. Why should you be good to yourself? Because you
deserve it.

There are probably many tasks you do that are taken for granted by you
and those you interact with. Be good to yourself and say, "I did a good
job with that." Take pride in your accomplishments and don't be
embarrassed to give yourself a compliment. You don't have to wait to
receive one from others.

Reward your efforts in any activity with the thought that you are
expanding your horizons and your personal growth cycle. Therefore you
deserve a pat on the back, a bouquet of flowers, a night on the town, a
shopping trip, or whatever gives you pleasure.

Be gentle to your emotional state. Watch out for self talk messages
that are not positive. It seems to be far easier to put ourselves down
for non critical errors of judgment or mistakes than it is to tell our
mind that we are special, worthy, and lovable. Your emotions can rule
your behavior and thoughts if you allow them to. You are what you think
and what you think governs how you act. Take care with those thoughts.

Be kind to your body. Many of us over indulge during the holidays and
then punish ourselves with diets and excessive exercise. Take it easy
on yourself. Slow and steady is good advice to practice. It's best to
keep to a sensible program that you will not get tired of too quickly.
Many of us have given up by Valentine's Day - and then we lay a guilt
trip upon ourselves on a day that is supposed to express love.

Your spiritual state also needs to be nurtured with kindness and
gentleness. Take time to do things for yourself, things that you enjoy
and want to do on your own terms and time frame. These activities
include getting out to enjoy nature's beauty and bounty, quiet time to
meditate or enjoy your religious customs, working on a hobby, and
spending time with family and friends. Participating in activities that
are good for your soul will bring you an inner sense of peace and

If you are treating yourself in a nice way, you will be comfortable and
able to treat others well also. These actions are generally returned in
kind and have a way of snowballing. This is the reverse of the
proverbial vicious circle and is certainly a more pleasant track to be
running your life on.

A variety of activities and behaviors are the key elements to
maintaining a desire and interest in being kind and gentle to your
physical, mental, and emotional health. Remember - you are lovable as
well as capable. In addition to making goals and plans, consider
making this "resolution" a positive habit that turns into an ongoing
life-long goal.

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