Beach Wedding Cakes

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Looking for a beach theme wedding cake ideas?

When it comes to wedding cakes, long gone are the days of following tradition. Since you are considering a beach theme wedding cake, you are obviously not a slave to those traditions.
So... let's stray from the "norm" and be adventurous!

One thing to remember... there are no rules! If there are... well, rules are made to be broken. Your beachtheme wedding cake can be anything you want it to be!

What Size?

How many guests are you planning to have? If you have your cake made professionally it can range in price anywhere from $2.00 to $15.00 per slice. A "slice" is normally considered to be 2 ounces or, approximately 4" x 2". The range in price will depend on how much intricate detail you want on it. If the cake you choose is very labor intensive, you can expect higher prices. If you are on a tight budget, keep it simple!

What Shape?

A beach theme wedding cake can be any size, shape or description. Be creative. If you have an idea for your cake, sketch it out on paper and take it to that talented friend, relative or your chosen bakery. If you can imagine it, someone can make it!

Do not limit your thinking to a two or three tier cake. It can be round, square, a sheet cake, a sculpted cake, individual mini cakes, cupcakes or even cookies! Some brides even choose a one or two layer, individual wedding cake on each guest table rather than the traditional large cake at the head table. This is a nice idea because it also serves as the table centerpiece. This eliminates the added expense associated with having a wedding centerpiece at each table!

A couple of things to keep in mind though...

* Since your reception may be on the beach, consider the sun! If you are having a dawn or dusk ceremony, heat from the sun will probably not be a major factor. However, if you are having your wedding midday, consider an "ornamental" cake. By that I mean, not edible with the exception of perhaps the bottom layer if you and the groom plan to cut it. You don't want your creation to melt!

* Consider draping your cake in a decorative manner with tulle to keep the bugs and sand out of it. It would be beautiful yet practical.

* Purchase decorative, individual cake boxes. Fill them and perhaps tie your wedding program or thank you to them with ribbon. Keep them in a cooler until time to pass them out to your guests. They will serve as your wedding favor, killing two birds with one stone!

* Make your own beach theme wedding cake! Look inside the next "DuncanHines" cake mix you buy. The instruction for making baking tiered cakesare in there! You can do it. If you can't, I'll bet you know a friend who could! In EVERY town there is a friend or a "friend of a friend" who makes beautiful wedding cakes. It's a hobby for them. They love doing it! Of course they still want to be paid, but not the ridiculous prices that a professional will charge you.

So...go... find that friend!

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