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Thinking of Traveling to Colorado? There is much to do for free. Here are a few places not to be missed.
Wondering what to do on a beautiful afternoon? Thinking about getting out of town to explore Colorado, but don’t know where to go? Free tours exclusive to Colorado are available for you to explore. More that 100 statewide tours ranging from Celestial Seasonings to the National Earthquake Center open their doors to the public for a look inside. No matter what day of the year, you are bound to have a great time learning and being entertained for free.

JHB International Buttons, Buttons, Buttons everywhere. When you tour JHB International, your whole mind will be filled with the images of millions of buttons. The third largest button distributor in the world, this Denver-based company was started over 20 years ago by Jean Barr. Keeping up with her passion of button collecting, Ms. Barr decided to make something serious out of her hobby by sharing her love of these four holed pieces.

On your tour of the button distributor you will see the process of buttons being put on cardboard backings to be sold at sewing and department stores. Using machines as well as working by hand, two or four buttons are placed on the cardboard. Before being taken into the actual working area, you are given the chance to explore the button museum. Thousands of buttons, all collected into themes and colors, are on display. Each one represents the buttons previously sold by the company in bulk. Also exhibited at the museum is an exceptional piece of clothing not to be missed. A full length skirt is on display covered in buttons and weighing over 25 pounds.

Tour Length: 1 1/2 - 2 hours JHB International 1955 South Quince Street Denver, Colorado 80231 303.751.8100 www.buttons.com

Colorado State Capitol The United States Congress established Colorado Territory on February 28, 1861 only three years after gold was discovered. Our state capitol was originally declared in Golden but was moved to Denver a short time later. The current capitol took 22 years to complete. The Colorado state flag, which was adapted in 1911, flies on the front lawn and inside the capitol.

The tour of the capitol gives a great historical overview of the people and significance of Colorado. Highlighting the art and design of the interior, you get the chance to better understand the strength of the pioneers who called this land their home. Tour guides fill you in with the stories behind the murals on the first floor while you see striking images of residents of yesteryears.

The familiar sight of the gold dome of the capitol is 272 feet above the ground. A gift from Colorado miners, Rocky Mountain gold was a symbol of the wealth found in the state. Also on the west side you will find the step inscribed with the words ‘One mile above sea level.’ The capitol was constructed with materials from around the state. The outer walls are granite from Gunnison, the sandstone foundations are from Fort Collins, the marble stairs and floor are from Marble and the rose onyx is from Beulah.

Colorado State Capitol 200 East Colfax Avenue Denver 80203 303.866.2604 www.archives.state.co.us/cap/first/htm

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Jodi Jill is the author of the Tours For Free Series. Guidebooks highlighting places to take your family for FREE, fun tours. When not touring thrifty, you can find her helping others to read. Read more at www.quitwhining.com

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