Do You Mistake Dad for A Wallet?

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Dads have to work harder than ever to provide for their families, and may be too tired to give as much quality time to their family that they would love to give. In Oliver Sacks’ book, The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat, the author tells a story about a brain injured man who perceives his wife as a hat. Is it really any surprise that he didn’t see her as a race car, but as a comfortable hat that he enjoyed wearing?

Do you make the same mistake with your husband or Dad? Do you tend to interact with him only when you need money? Has he become nothing but a “wallet” to you?

This Fathers Day, make the time to improve your relationship and show him that you love him for all that he means to you, whether he’s your Dad or the father of your children.

It’s too easy to fall into narrow roles in a family, and Dad certainly can add to the impression that he’s only there as a meal ticket. But with a little bit of effort, you can change this around. He may the type of father who generously gives to his family, but he still needs your acknowledgement that you care about him and who he is aside from being your father or husband.

Dads are the foundation of a family, but can wind up feeling like a door mat instead.

Use Fathers Day as a kickoff for celebrating him, and follow up frequently with small expressions of appreciation. Dad will be so surprised to be seen in a new light and know that when you approach him with a smile, it’s not only for a handout.

Fathers Day gift ideas for wives

Show your husband (and your family) how much you care about Dad as a man and not only as the father of your children. You’re both so busy shuffling work and family life, you may have let the “man and wife” part fall too low on the radar screen.

  • Surprise him with plans for a romantic night or weekend getaway. No shopping planned, this is just about you and him celebrating your relationship.

  • Give him romantic flowers for a change! And slip in concert or sport tickets.

  • Have a trophy engraved with “my favorite hunk” or your special name for him. Make a special presentation at your Fathers Day dinner, then display in your home.

  • Men are catching on that a day at a spa is a good thing. Check if any local spas have special packages for men

  • Or give him a special day of pampering at home. Create your own gift basket and fill with spa goodies just for him. Don’t forget sexy lingerie!

  • What’s his hobby? Pay for a seminar or private lessons.

  • Make up a coupon book that acknowledges his uniquely male tendencies, such as “Two hours uninterrupted sports show viewing,” “This is my cave day” or whatever ideas he would especially appreciate.

Let your husband know on Fathers Day how much you love him for all the man he is and watch your relationship blossom again!

Fathers Day gift ideas for children

  • A wallet, but fill it with something for him, such as tickets to a concert or sporting event. Slip in a photo of you and he, and write a short message of love on the photo.

  • A keepsake box filled with photos or mementos of your favorite times together. Include a message about how you want to share more of these wonderful times together.

  • Make up a Fathers Day presentation where each child makes a speech about a quality they especially appreciate about their Dad.

  • A “Play Date” coupon book with messages about how you would like to spend time with him

  • Chip in and spend a weekend away with him. Go fishing, golfing, hiking or whatever his favorite hobby is.

On Fathers Day, show him how much you appreciate what a wonderful husband or father he is. That’s the best gift idea you can give a man.

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