Finding your roots through Genealogy!

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Finding your roots through Genealogy!

Interest in genealogy is rising to new heights. People are looking to their roots with enthusiasm and dedication, making genealogy more of a “cause” than a hobby. To many people, it is a matter of satisfaction to know who one’s family is and where they came from. Pursuit of one’s genealogy brings a connection to the past. Generations are linked together, forming a continuous picture out of the lives of grandparents and great-grandparents that illustrates how connected we all are. Every new life is sprung from the foundation of a family that has gone before it, all of which is the basis of genealogy.

The age of information has made enormous inroads for research in genealogy. Answers can be found at the touch of a button via the internet that would have been virtually impossible to find before. That doesn’t mean that genealogy is easy, though. Obscure locations, faulty records, and just the passage of the years all contribute to the difficulty of finding facts. What technology has done is make the impossible possible.

The internet has made available data bases so that genealogy enthusiasts can help each other, and build upon each other’s work. Records with fading writing on ancient paper are posted clearly for all to see. Search engines sift information with a speed that would be inconceivable without the help of computers. It may not be that these tools were created with genealogy in mind, but their benefits have been unmeasurable.
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