Gel Candles - An Alternative To Wax Candles

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Gel candles are basically made from a combination of polymer resin and mineral oil. Gel candles make a beautiful gift for friends, family, or for yourself. Gel candles can add a touch of elegance to your home decor. They come in many different shapes, sizes, and scents. Gel candles can be found in fruit jars with labels or gift tags, in fancy glass bowls, wine glasses, and mugs. You can even dress up your gel candle jars with ceramic shades to make them look like a miniature lamp. Many times gel candles come decorated with miniature shapes embedded within them. A wide variety of scents are available also, from lilac to peanut butter cup. If you enjoy the aroma of fresh baked pies and goodies, then you have to try one of the many gel candles that are shaped and scented like blueberry, apple or strawberry pie or fresh baked cinnamon rolls. You can enjoy the aroma of fresh baked goodies in your kitchen without all the work!

Are you looking for a new hobby? Why not try making your own gel candles? You can purchase everything you need to make your own. There are even kits available which include all of the supplies you will need to design your own candle. These kits include instructions, pre-made gel, wicks, labels, embeds, dye, scents, and jars.

Pre-made gel is sold in three different densities – low, medium, and high grade. The medium grade is the most popular because it allows for more fragrance and is a firm gel that works in most projects. The high grade costs more, but allows for even more fragrance and you can embed heavier objects into the gel candles.

You can be creative and add more character to your gel candles by including embeds. Embeds are shapes made of very hard wax or glass or other non-flammable objects. They can be added to gel candles as you are making them. There are many shapes to choose from, including: fruit slices, candy corn, peppermint candies, dolphins, goldfish, hearts, shells, and many, many more. Add some sparkle to your gel candles by including some glitter.

There are also many colors to choose from to dye the gel. You can use an oil based liquid or peel off slivers from dye blocks. Also, choose from many different fragrance oils to add delicious aromas to your gel candles. Some of the exhilarating scents include: strawberry, sugar plum, red hot cinnamon, root beer, banana, bubble gum, carnation, tulips, lilacs, etc.

So, you can enjoy a wide variety of gel candles and supplies, whether you purchase pre-made candles or would like to create your own.

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