Gift Giving During Thanksgiving Adds That Special Touch

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Many of us believe Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays, right? Actually, one of the most notable occasions is Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is surprisingly a widely celebrated holiday that crosses over many nationalities and religions.

Actually, harvest festivals were celebrated by ancient Greeks, Romans, Hebrews, Chinese and the Egyptians. In America, it wasn’t until 1621 when the Pilgrims had their first successful harvest, did they celebrate their first annual thanksgiving celebration. In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln appointed a national day of thanksgiving and since then, each new president issued a Thanksgiving Day proclamation.

So for hundreds of years, Thanksgiving has held a special meaning across many cultures in many corners of the world. Although giving gifts at Thanksgiving is not as popular as Christmas, gift giving at this time could actually be appreciated more since it is more likely to be unexpected. Since Thanksgiving is traditionally a family celebration, gift giving to friends and business associates could offer a very special meaning of thanks. A card, gift or thank you note has a more personal touch at Thanksgiving than it might at other times of the year.

In America, Thanksgiving is the first holiday break since our summer vacation and, with today’s hectic lifestyles, most holidays are appreciated by all – young and old alike. So if you would like to show your appreciation to loved ones, or impress a business associate, Thanksgiving is the time to send that personalized gift. Since gift giving at Thanksgiving was traditionally celebrated only among families, giving a gift to a friend or associate will catch them totally off guard and it will carry a very strong message of thanks.

Most of us appreciate and celebrate Thanksgiving in many different ways – some basic R&R, NFL weekend, visit friends and relatives, etc., so receiving a gift of any kind is extremely appreciated. A custom made gift adds an even greater personal touch. Some make their own gifts, while others with more hurried lifestyles, opt for things like custom gift baskets (http://www.abcgiftsandbaskets.com)that could be virtually tailored to every custom, hobby, relationship, etc. without dedicating any personal time.

For business in particular, gift giving for Thanksgiving will produce incredible results. If you work in a field or industry where your clients tend to interact on a regular basis, it makes sense to go to a single source and buy the same gift for everyone. Showing favoritism by buying different plateaus of gifts is not a good idea. Order well in advance to avoid disappointment but, for the most part, you will have much easier access to ordering gifts than during the Christmas rush.

If you’re one of those “on the run” individuals who is simply lost when it’s time to be creative about gift giving, go to our friend the Internet for help. Whether you buy online or simply just browse for ideas, the World Wide Web will be full of interesting ideas. Simply get into your Internet browser, and punch in Thanksgiving gifts, Gift Ideas, Gift Giving or Gift Baskets and hundreds of gift ideas will be pouring out of your monitor. The rest is easy, particularly if you decide to buy online. It is secure from a credit point of view, it saves a tremendous amount of time, and in most cases, if the gifts are a good choice, it makes you look like a genius. So hop on the Internet and start shopping!

Adriana Copaceanu provides people with creative gift ideas that don*t blow the bank. Gift Baskets for Baby, Birthday and Beyond, are just some gift ideas you*ll find at her site: http://www.abcgiftsandbaskets.com . Want regular reminders on gift-giving? Sign up for her free monthly newsletter at http://www.abcgiftsandbaskets.com/gift-news-signup.htm

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