Great Gifts Under $5

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Gift giving is at its absolute finest during the Christmas season. Putting smiles on children's faces, making an elderly person feel appreciated, rewarding a hardworking employee - the reasons for gift giving at Christmas are endless. Christmas is the most popular time for gift giving, and it is no secret that Christmas is also the favorite time for marriage proposals.

However, getting ready for Christmas can be a nightmare when you tally up all the planning and shopping that must be condensed into the 3 or 4 short weeks leading up to the holiday break. Selecting menus, writing out gift lists, decorating the tree, hanging the outside lights, and so on…

Getting things done around the house always seems to fall into place but buying the gifts always plays havoc with your schedule. Staying within your budget usually places even more restrictions on your time, finding gifts that impress and yet don't cost an arm and a leg.

You want to give something but the occasion says it shouldn't be too much. Or the whole family is getting together for Christmas and that means 45 presents. You want to give something to every one in your class. Or your budget will soon reach the red ink stage.

We have a few items that cost less than $5 but each gift can still have special meaning.

  • A swimmer can always use a new set of ear plugs.

  • Someone who works nights will love a new night shades for sleeping.

  • Your grandma travels. Get her small travel bottles of lotion, hairspray and deodorant.

  • Every one can use a new lint remover mitt.

  • A luxury item is sachet bags to hand in closets or place in drawers.

  • A coffee mug with their name or a picture that represents something about the recipient.

  • Most women will appreciate a bottle of bubble bath.

  • Any woman will love mini tote bags to hold and organize items in their purse.

  • A coin purse will be easier to find in a purse and fit easily in a man's pocket.

  • Everyone goes shopping. Get them shopping pads to hang on the refrigerator door.

  • Get padded velvet or satin coat hangers. They come in pretty colors.

  • Find a key chain that represents the recipient's hobby.

  • Jigsaw puzzles will help fill the hours for your stay at home grandmother.

  • Wind chimes will add a cheerful note on almost any day.

  • Everyone has items they keep. Give them decorative boxes to organize them.

  • Decorative baskets hold and organize things throughout the house.

  • Get a special perfumed bar of soap.

  • Anyone who travels will love a fold up travel toothbrush.

  • Bath oils will soothe her skin.

  • Coffee lovers will appreciate small bags of flavored coffee.

For even more gift ideas under $5, check out this page:


Adriana Copaceanu provides people with creative gift ideas that don't blow the bank. Gift Baskets for Baby, Birthday and Beyond, are just some gift ideas you'll find at her site: http://www.abcgiftsandbaskets.com. Want regular reminders on gift-giving? Sign up for her free monthly newsletter at http://www.abcgiftsandbaskets.com/gift-news-signup.htm.

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