I Want To Be A Work-At-Home Mom - Can Someone Show Me How?

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A recent study by The National Survey of Entrepreneurial Parents showed that 22 percent of women who ran a business out of their home pull in $50,000 or more a year, and 39 percent earn $30,000 or more. This shows that more and more women are going for it and making their dream of working from home a reality!

Is this for me?

The decision to start your own business is a major one and not to be taken lightly.

It will effect you, your family, and your way of life. So, when is the right time? No time is the right time to start. If you put it off until after the holidays or wait until you get laid off, next thing you know, your kids will be grown. If you hunger it, the only regret you'll have is not going for it. As Sharon S.E. Schlossenberg, Director, MyWoman2Woman Network, states: Don't wait to start your own business. You will always find excuses to put it off, trust me; there is no time like the present!

Where do I start?

If you aren?t sure what exactly you want to do, sit down and list everything that you like to do from a hobby or entertainment. Many successful businesses have stemmed from a hobby or even by accident! Heidi Bowen, Blankee by Heidi, achieved her business idea after making a unique blanket for her best friends baby shower that allowed everyone at the shower to sign it. Everyone loved it and the first Blankee by Heidi was born! There are no real get-rich-quick businesses out there. Don't let yourself get drawn into any scams along the way.

Now what do I do?

Once you have figured out what type of business to do, you need to research it-a lot. Know your business inside and out and write a good business plan to go by. A success or failure of a business could very well depend upon having a good business plan. It also can be used for documentation for getting a business loan.

Be committed to your business.

After you get your business up and running, stick with it. A successful business is one filled with hard work and commitment. There will be many rewards in the long run. Lisa Barnes, Baby Bee, Inc. says, "I am happy to say that today I am having lots of fun running a steadily growing business which I am able to run from home without cutting into my "mom and wife" time." Involve your family in your venture- this will help you with your business AND allow you to spend more time with your family too.

Be your own cheerleader!

Don't let anyone discourage you from going after your dream. Only you can truly hold yourself back. Many mom owned businesses have supportive husbands/families. Debra M. Cohen, (www.homereferralbiz.com) says that her husband is her biggest cheerleader as well as her biggest source of support and encouragement. He calls her his biggest investment he's ever made!

If this is what you want to do, then go for it. Don't put off your dream and find yourself looking back and wondering, if only I had?

About The Author

Find out more about starting your own business and learning how fifteen successful moms started their businesses by reading, I'm a Work-at-Home Mommy-You can be too! by Teresa Lyons, found at any Barnes & Noble or iUniverse.com. Or, visit: http://www.mommysbizathome.com

Teresa (Lyons) Moody, Author
I'm a Work-at-Home Mommy-You can be too!

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