Kenna, Julie and David are Moving!

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Moving ... does the word strike terror in your heart. Here are some tips to make it easier.

My client, Kenna, lives in Manhattan. She’s single and wants to get away from the city. She dreams of owning horses and land, and her hobby is studying Native American Indian lore. She has a vision, and went to to FIND HER SPOT. You take the fun online quiz and it will tell you the best place for you

Kenna’s been living in the same place for 6 years, and she’s a packrat. Her next job is the Purge Campaign. This is the time to get rid of old clothing, books, magazines, old papers, olds toys, clothes, car parts, mismatched dishes, stained pots and pans, old musical instruments and sports equipment. If you haven’t used it in a year, you don’t need it. Get rid of it!

First have a garage sale, then give the remaining things to Goodwill or a charity and help someone else out. Homeless transitional facilities can use any household item! Habitat for Humanity’s a good bet as well. For the sake of the environment, use trash as the last resort.

Decluttering’s hard for Kenna, so I’ve directed her to FlyLady is the place for her. This delightful site has inspired many of my clients to get the tolerations of their lives, whether they’re moving or not.


Julie’s in her late 50s. Her husband died two years ago, and she’s planning to move to be near her son and grandchildren. She wants to do all the packing herself, and she has plenty of time. She’s moved many times, and is an organized person. However, this is an emotional time for her, and she’s moving slowly.

Wanting to treat herself to some extra support during this transition, she called for coaching! We talk weekly and email, focusing on the positive aspects of the move, and making plans for her future!

“This move has added another full-time job,” she says. She’s got a full-time job, chairs an annual fundraising event, and is also the treasurer for her church. We’re using The Gooding Accountability System™ for her. Her notebook organizes each “project” separately, and gives her a way to track progress and feel good about accomplishments. For her, I serve as the Accountability Coach™.

Julie needed an idea of what she’ll get for her home, in order to search for the new one. This site gives recent comparables in your neighborhood anywhere in the US.


Like many women, Julie isn’t the best at spatial relations, but she wants to do all her own packing, “for the exercise,” she says. We checked out Quick Box Estimator, right online, for box information, and a Home Survey, which helps you estimate what size truck to rent. Click on “Packing Center”. It will tell you how many boxes you need, where you can buy everything, and how to pack different items. It has some great illustrative pictures.


David’s latest promotion will take his family of 5 from Alabama to North Carolina. David, who’s in IS, wants to handle the move himself. “I want my wife free to take care of the emotional needs of the children during this move,” he said. “It’s stressful for all of us, but kids don’t understand.”

David’s strengths are Focus and Achiever. He needs systems. His first step was to download the Personal Move Planner. It calendars all essential work, such as “research tax implications of the move,” and sends him weekly email reminders.

He’s using the Community Explorer to investigate the right neighborhood, and the Cost of Living Tool so he can budget. Good schools is the top priority, so he’s checked out the the School Profile.


David's wife will arrive at the new house first with the children, as he finishes up work details, so he was pleased to discover http://www.relocationessentials.com/tools/utilities.asp where you can transfer, set-up and cancel utilities and services online before you get there.


If there’s a move in your future, get the help you deserve. Take advantage of coaching, accountability systems, and the many fine resources available on the Internet.

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Susan Dunn, The EQ Coach, GLOBAL EQ. Emotional intelligence coaching to enhance all areas of your life - career, relationships, midlife transition, resilience, self-esteem, parenting. EQ Alive! - excellent, accelerated, affordable EQ coach certification. Susan is the author of numerous ebooks, is widely published on the Internet, and a regular speaker for cruise lines. For marketing services go here.

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