May 8th - Mothers Day, Show Her How Much You Care

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Mothers Day

Even though we love Mom all year long, May 8th is a wonderful time to go all out and show her how much she is appreciated.

If my Mum lived closer to me here is what I would do to put a smile on her face.

Being of English decent Iíd start the day with a tea party in the early afternoon Ė it does not have to be precisely at the stroke of 4:00pm. Ė Followed later in the evening with a barbeque.

The Tea Party:

Ideally the best place for this event as long as the weather cooperates is outdoors, however it can be just as nice indoors.

Going on the idea that itís to be outdoors here is how Iíd proceed.

Setting The Table:

Iím going to start by using a layered effect with the table linens. As my Mum loves Lavender Iíll start with a solid deep lavender cloth, over the top of that a second cloth in pale Lavender, possibly a small check with soft greens and yellows mixed in. Finishing off with a floral pattern keeping with the lavender, green and yellow color scheme.

Napkins in one of the three colors, folded and tided with a pretty coordinating ribbon and a floral centerpiece will finish it off.

Nothing fussy for the centerpiece, a white pitcher filled with either Tulip's from the local grocer or silk Roses, Mumís favorite flower.

The Tea Set:

The perfect tea set would be the Piper Collection from Royal Doulton.
This set has the rich heritage of traditional England. The white background and gold accents can take it from afternoon tea to a formal dinner party. Contents would include the teapot, cups and saucers plus salad plates.

The reason for the small salad plate is your not serving a complete dinner, just finger food, more on that later.


Keeping in mind that this is afternoon tea, the food will consist of small items that can be picked up and eaten with your fingers.

For example one of Mumís favorite sandwiches is Cream Cheese & Olives. Itís not a sandwich youíd normally find at an English tea but as I said it is one of her favorites plus itís simple to make.

One package cream cheese Ė softened
One small jar of Olives
Cut olives into small pieces, combine with the softened cream cheese and a small amount of the olive juice in a bowl, mix together then spread on bread.
Cut crust from all four corners of the sandwich, and then cut into fours.

Also being served will be a variety of desserts including Strawberry Scones Ė another of her favorites Ė shortbread cookies dipped in chocolate, lemon tarts also some type of chocolate cake.

To serve the refreshments Iíll use several two and three tiered serving dishes, on the top of at least one Iíll add whole strawberries Ė another of Mumís favorites Ė with a side dish of whipped Ė sorry not clotted - cream.

The last order of business will be to sit, pour the tea and spend a few relaxing hours visiting with my beloved Mum.

Take this idea and gear it around something your Mum likes whether itís a hobby or a vacation spot she loves.
The whole idea is to put together something special for her that shows how much she means to you. She will definitely appreciate your time and effort.

Of course if your not able to put together a party for her, a heartfelt card - maybe hand written - and a bouquet of beautiful spring flowers - Tulips would fit the bill - will be appreciated just as much.

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