Quick Kids' Craftz: Tips for Springtime Fun!

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Free up some time for yourself by getting the kids busy with some fun of their own!
Spring fever got the kids bouncing off the walls? Give 'em something to do FAST with these easy crafts designed to keep the hands busy and the minds engaged!

- Draw colors and patterns on a paper plate. Attach a straw to the bottom center of plate and 'roll' straw in hands for a crazy kaleidescope.

- Roll a pinecone in peanut butter and birdseed and hang with a piece of yarn for a bird feeder.

- Fold several layers of 6-8 inches long, colorful tissue paper accordion style, cut the ends at an angle or curve, wrap a chenille stem around the center for a stem, and gently pull the ends apart for a beautiful flower!

- Get some magnet sheets (from an office store) for your computer printer and let the kids make new fridge magnets.

- Decorate some clay pots with acrylic paint (make sure it's waterproof), then plant some seeds and give TLC.

- Draw or cut out pictures of butterflies, ladybugs, etc., color and attach with plasti-tak or stickers (old address labels work fine) to sturdy floral wire. (Adult help needed with floral wire.) Insert into 'pretend' garden made from decorated shoe box and lined with clay or playdoh.

- Buy some old hats at your local thrift shop and embellish with feathers, fabric paint, old scarves, etc. Great for 'dress-up' and 'performing'!

- Make paper plate flower faces. Cut out most of center of paper plate; attach flower petals cut from colorful construction paper. Add a popsicle stick for a handle and hold over child's face -- add face paint if you like! Invite several friends and make a garden!

- Use 2-4 inch lengths of tissue paper twisted and secured around the center with chenille stems to make colorful and easy bracelets and rings!

- Have each child make a 'party favor' bag for someone else using only items/food already found at home. Then host a 'party favor' exchange!

- Get a selection of hobby books from the library and let everyone choose their 'hobby' for the summer.

- Spread an old plastic shower curtain on the floor (better yet, outside). Offer piles of uncooked pasta shapes, glitter, glue and construction paper. Little ones never tire of this one!

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