Santa’s Bag Overflows with Woodworking Projects

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Shopping Tips from the Industry’s Leading Retailer of Top Quality Woodworking Supplies, Materials and Tools

(ARA) - Wondering what to place under the tree this year for family and friends? If you’re like many people, the choice may be a woodworking project. Woodworking is an appealing hobby for people of all ages -- and for both individuals and families. “As a result, many folks will see Santa’s bag overflowing with kits, plans, books and tools all related to woodworking this year,” predicts Santa’s helper, Shawn Draper.

Sales of family-oriented woodworking gifts and supplies are highest every November and December at Woodcraft Supply Corporation retail store locations, through catalogs, and the Web site store.

“At this time of year we see people purchasing gift certificates and high-end tools for professional woodworkers just as much as we witness increased sales of starter project kits and educational videos,” says Draper, who is vice president of marketing at Woodcraft.


He says there are several “jump with glee when it’s under the tree” woodworking gifts that consumers can purchase for family and friends. For the novice woodworker, Santa’s wish list may include the following gifts priced under $25:

* Country Barn or Covered Bridge Bird House Kits -- Easy-to-assemble, these kits typically have about 100 pieces each for projects that can be put together in about four hours. A sharp craft knife, small hammer, glue and ruler are all that’s needed to assemble the attractive bird houses. All pieces are precut and children of all ages can work with a parent to create the bird houses.

* First Projects for Woodcarvers Book -- This 64-page pictorial beginner book can launch people of all ages in a rewarding woodcarving hobby. Three beginning projects include a cowboy boot, dog, and three-piece stylized nativity.

* Santa Carving Kit -- An instructional book, tools and wood all in one kit! Three versions of Santa can be carved, and the kit comes in two formats -- a kit for the very beginning woodworker costs, and a more basic version with minimal tools.

For those on your shopping list with moderate woodworking skills, the sky is the limit for holiday gift-giving. Any hard-to-buy-for family member will appreciate these woodworking gifts available for under $50:

* Pen and Pencil Sets -- From exotic woods used to make the pen and pencil sets to kits of clips, clasps and caps, Woodcraft has a wide selection of everything needed to turn wood into a pen and pencil set. Start with the book “Pens”, add in an assortment of 30 exotic wood blanks and a turning mandrel and you can launch anyone on the wonderful hobby of pen making.

* Old Time Whittling Kit -- Learn an old craft the easy way with this step-by-step beginners kit that includes an instruction book, carving knife, leather bench strap and compound (for keeping the knife sharp) and a piece of kiln-dried basswood.

* Shaker Oval Box Kit -- This kit includes everything a moderately-skilled woodworker needs to create a nest of three beautiful cherry boxes in the classic Shaker tradition.

Have a friend with a green thumb? Surprise the person with a book that shows them how to extend their love of the outdoors by creating a trellis, arbor, gazebo, deck or gate. Many avid gardeners are also woodworkers. Here are some soon-to-be-appreciated books to add to your shopping list for these special people:

* Classic Garden Structures.

* Outdoor Living: The Ultimate Project Guide.

* Whirligigs & Weathervanes.

* 2 x 4 Projects for Outdoor Living.


Still not sure what to purchase? Think about a one-of-a-kind handmade wooden vase, a hand-carved walking stick or an unusual birdhouse.

To find personal and unique wooden gifts, visit www.woodcraftauction.com, an Internet auction and classified listings site specializing in woodworking items along with antique and collectible tools. The easy-to-use website makes the hustle and bustle of approaching holidays less frantic while allowing you to select personalized gifts from the comfort of your home.

“This site is pure fun for anyone interested in buying fine works in wood or collectible tools,” says Nancy Miller, director of Internet development at Woodcraft. “The auction site has dozens of gift ideas -- at both live auctions going on continuously plus classified ads where people can buy woodworking services and pieces.

“The Woodcraft auction site is like going to an arts and crafts festival or a gift store -- except you get to shop at home. It’s fun and easy. We include step-by-step instructions on the secure site, making it possible for even a first-time Internet visitor to make purchases quickly and easily. Best of all, you get to see and purchase one-of-a-kind original creations that friends and family will really appreciate.”

For more holiday gift ideas and information on Woodcraft, call (800) 535-4482 or visit www.woodcraft.com. Courtesy of ARA Content

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Courtesy of ARA Content

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