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ScootAbike is set to become the must have present for UK children this Christmas

Scootabike is set to become the must have present for UK children this Christmas. Already popular with European parents leading wooden toy company Wooden Choice Limited (http://www.woodenchoice.co.uk) are launching Scootabike to the UK.

ScootAbike is the perfect early introduction to cycling. At first, your child will use it like a hobby horse, at least one foot firmly on the ground. As confidence develops, they'll begin to lift both feet, scooting forward and balancing, maybe dabbing a foot to the floor occasionally if the bike tips. Soon, they'll also be having a whale of a time, not least because this is no heavy, unresponsive child's bike; it weighs just 3.5kg.

As your child grows, the saddle can be adjusted for height. The three settings cover a range of 33 to 39cm saddle height, which suits children up to about 5 years old. The cotton saddle cover is easy to remove and fully washable. A leather saddle cover is an optional extra. An extension saddle and seatpost is also available to increase the saddle height to suit 6 year olds.

ScootAbikes are made by Kokua Holzspielzeug in Roetgen, Germany, a small business run by the Mertens family. They realised that the best way to teach a child to cycle is not to use stabilisers, which simply prevent the child developing a proper sense of balance, but rather to remove the cranks entirely. With most children's bikes, that still leaves a heavy steel frame - dead weight can soon kill a child's enthusiasm.

When your child has out-grown the ScootAbike, they'll take to riding a bicycle instantly, as if it's the most natural thing in the world. Balance and steering hold no fears; they can concentrate instead on pedalling and brakes! The BIKE is built to withstand the worst rough and tumble it's young riders can dish out.

Learning the ScootAbike is a great psychological boost; from the very first attempt your child can make independent progress, without adult help, using just their innate ability and co-ordination. They'll be proud of the positive achievement and will revel in independent mobility, ensuring the ScootAbike 's lasting appeal.

About The Author

Stefan Driess is the owner of the family run wooden toy company, Wooden Choice Limited (http://www.woodenchoice.co.uk).


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