Seven Simple Steps to get into a Fitness Routine

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1. See Your Doctor: Before you start any exercise program or begin any
sport or hobby that involves physical exertion, get a check up.

2. Sleep: Get enough sleep every night. This is especially
important if you decide to exercise in the morning. If you
aren't getting enough sleep, you might just keep hitting the
snooze button in favor of getting up and exercising.

3. Set Goals: What are you trying to achieve out of your
exercise program? Just like when you are trying to lose weight,
you must set a goal weight, the same thing applies to fitness.
Do you need to work on your abs or your thighs or maybe your
doctor is recommending a cardio workout? You need to figure out
what it is that you want to accomplish and set out to find exercises
that will help you reach your goals.

4. Select: Find exercises that you like. This is very important,
if you choose exercises that bore you to tears... well, how long
do you think you will be able to do it? (This has always been
my problem with tummy crunches and video tapes... they are
so darn boring... I've found that a daily walk will keep me
relatively fit and it's not boring to me at all.)

5. Schedule: Set aside 30 minutes, 3 times a week for exercise.

6. Slow and Steady wins the race: don't try to do every
exercise you know on the first day, too much too fast and
you will crack under the pressure. Start slowly and build
up to an exercise routine that fits your lifestyle.

7. Stick to it: NOTHING is more important than your health!

Getting fit is a combination of exercise AND diet. Plan your
diet with the help of the NutriCounter, a fun and easy way to
monitor your nutritional intake. The NutriCounter works with
any exercise routine!

Come and visit the NutriCounter web site for more
information on how nutrition influences weight loss, diabetes, pregnancy, heart disease and more!

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