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Embroidery is the detail work for sewing. It is the small, intricate designs on fabric that make it so beautiful. A good eye and much talent produces a beautiful design whether it is on a pillow case, a table cloth, or even the cuff of a dress shirt. Whether it is machine embroidery or hand done, it adds an extra elegance to an item. Embroidery designs, while widely available in fabric stores, can also be found online. Free embroidery designs are also available, mostly for trade online as well.

To learn to embroider or the art of embroidery, much information and training is required. Mainly, this can be done through experience. Too find information on the skill and techniques, check out a few how to books at the local library or purchase them at a nearby book store. Or, if the beginner is Internet savvy, doing some simple research online will also produce a wide selection of knowledge. Knowing someone who is experienced in this area will also benefit the student.

Whether a small flower or a detailed design of an animal, embroidery is very well sought after. There is a large market out there for handmade designs like this. Someone who is advanced enough to do detail work, can earn an income from doing it. There is a large market for finely produced work online as well. People who frequent online auction websites are willing to pay for quality work. Or, it is possible to find a company willing to provide work. Another place to sell embroidery designs and work is at local craft fairs where people can browse through finished products to purchase.

Many people who do embroidery, do so as a hobby though. Maybe they are creating an heirloom to hand down to their grandchildren. Maybe they are creating a design with their family name and their descendants or ancestors on it. Definitely a way to use skills and talents! Well worth the effort and hard work!

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