Stocking Filler Ideas For Teenage Boys

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Shopping for teenage boys is never easy at the best of times (Well I never think it is!) but at Christmas when you are buying more items it could become a nightmare!

If his only interests are football or computers then I’m sure you will have no problem buying presents to go under the Christmas tree but what about the smaller stocking fillers which you don’t want to spend much money on?!

Hopefully this list will give you a few different and useful ideas…..

1. Magazines – Whether they are about cars, computers or sport.

2. Sports equipment (Shin pads, golf balls, darts, shorts etc)

3. Pants/socks

4. Sweets and chocolate

5. Toiletries (deodorant, shower gel, razors, travel sized cologne/aftershave)

6. Computer equipment (blank CD’s, screen cleaning equipment)

7. Torch/ penknife

8. Wallet

9. Starbucks or other café/restaurant voucher

10. Posters for room

11. Headphones

12. Clock – either a wall clock or alarm clock

13. Mobile phone accessories (covers, ring tones, games, credit)

14. Sport/collectible/trading cards

15. Pens and paper

16. Car equipment (Sponges, shampoo, polish, air freshener etc)

17. Tie

18. Gadgets – the sort you find in department stores such as currency converters, clocks with the time in 5 different countries etc!

19. Gift vouchers for clothes

20. Rechargeable battery pack – Something which is always needed and which can be re-used forever!

21. Storage boxes / desk tidies

22. Sunglasses

23. Rucksack bag

24. Earring/ chain/ bracelet/ watch

25. Hobby items such as football team memorabilia (pens, posters, wallets etc) or whatever else he is interested in such as computers, cars, sport, motorbikes or woodwork.

If all of that fails then listen to your teenage boy when out and take notes of the can I have, I need and so on! - Good luck!

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