The Parallel Career Way to Lifestyle Alternatives

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Many people change careers because they are seeking lifestyle alternatives. We're NOT referring to the lifestyles of a hippie group, a religious cult or other fringe communities. We're referring to lifestyle choices as a result of building successful and fulfilling careers. These lifestyle alternatives are the dreams of every person but are enjoyed by only some. In which group do you want to be?

Lifestyle Alternatives are About Having More Choices

You may be seeking lifestyle alternatives which have nothing to do with earning more money. You decide to change career the parallel career way because you're seeking a different lifestyle that will give you more Time, more Freedom and more Control such as….

· Spending more time with the people and 'things' you love - your love ones, your hobby or your life's passion.
· When to wake up and when to work - you plan your own working hours.
· Who to work with - choose not to work with those you do not want to.
· Where to work from - a home office...your kitchen table...or a shared office.
· What to wear - you can be in your pyjamas or wear a tuxedo.
· Freedom to make decisions - no need to seek permission from anyone.
· Freedom to implement ideas - no need to 'sell' your idea to a committee.
· Full control over your livelihood - no need to report to your boss.

These lifestyle alternatives give you the choice to choose...

while others go to work every Monday because they have to (afterall it's called a working day)...

....you're still in your pyjamas having breakfast with your spouse and watching your favourite sport on ESPN. Later, you decide to play a round of golf instead of doing paperwork since you worked until late the previous night. And...you don't have to inform the boss!

While others are busy writing a report to management on what they achieved during a recent business trip...

....you attend a luncheon to raise money for homeless teenagers.

While others have to apply for leave to go for a holiday...

.... you go when it suits you.

While you still have a job, do not fall into the trap of complacency and a sense of false security. Instead, start thinking about a parallel career. Start with the end in mind. Ask yourself what lifestyle would give you real satisfaction?

Your Choice of Lifestyle Depends on Your Values

It is said that the best lifestyle is to have a career you love and have someone to love.
To love is to value. What are your values that are most important to you? Are they for the moment or a lifetime? Here are some to ponder...

· Good health and physical fitness
· Recognition from others for your achievements, status and position
· Touching the lives of others
· Your religious beliefs
· Financial security
· Nature
· Independence
· Your spouse or partner
· Spend time with your children and be there whenever they need you
· Your association, society or alumni
· Knowledge and continuing education
· Stability and order
· Tidiness and an organised environment
· Owning a home

Your Values Determine Your Plans and Actions

When you know what you really want...begin to build a parallel career while you still have a job with the end goal of quitting your job and 'doing your own thing'.

Don't just change career. Choose one of the lifestyle alternatives that give you real satisfaction. Dream about...then work towards it the parallel career way. The parallel career way just makes this transition less stressful.

Joseph Lee
Infopreneur, Writer, Engineer and Consultant. Former company high-flyer - shares tips, ideas and information on how to start a parallel career at: http://www.parallelcareer.com

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