Top 5 Reasons Why You Canít Live Your Dream

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1. ďIím too old to make a change.Ē
Maybe youíre over 30 and settled in your career. You donít even want to think about making a move somewhere else. Besides, at this point in your life, youíre supposed to be doing what you want, right?

For some reason we seem to think that we have to ďact our ageĒ. But what does that mean? Where is there a definition of what it means to be a certain age?

The next time you think youíre too old to make a change, think about Colonel Sanders and Wally Amos. Age is truly nothing more than a number.

2. ďI need more money.Ē
You might have dreams of owning your own business. You automatically think about all the money youíll need to do that. Just the thought of it overwhelms you and stops you in your tracks.

Using money as a reason not to change is just another excuse. Sure, it does take money to start a business. But who says we have to have all the money at once? Sometimes just the process of planning out our dreams makes what seems impossible, possible.

When you start to visualize your dreams, new opportunities open up for you. You may even find options that donít require that much money.

3. ďIím afraid to make a change.Ē
You may have made a career move in the past and things didnít turn out like you expected. Maybe your boss didnít treat you well or you werenít challenged enough. Now you might be afraid to make the same mistake again.

Fear can take over and paralyze us. The funny thing is that most of the things we fear generally do not become a reality. When we come up with reasons why we canít make a move, we are just avoiding true happiness.

Basing your future on events that happened in the past is a sure way of stopping yourself from growing. Itís best to learn from the past so that you can move forward.

4. ďI donít have time to try to live my dream.Ē
You may be so focused on your daily duties that you donít stop to think about your dreams. They might be buried deep within.

Some of us have spent so much time trying to make a living that we really donít have a life. We havenít taken the time to learn what we are passionate about.

Listen to those inner voices. Acknowledge the ideas that keep popping into your head. Make note of what you do in your spare time. Ask yourself if you would do these things even if you werenít getting paid. Or, ask if you would do them as a hobby even if you won the lottery.

5. ďI donít think anyone will approve of my dream.Ē
Youíve been thinking about making a change in your career. But what will people think of you? Will they believe that you can be successful? Will they be waiting for you to fail?

We often sabotage ourselves by worrying about what other people think of us. A family member, co-worker, or friend passes judgment on our dreams. All of a sudden, thatís enough to stop us from moving forward.

You have the right to do what makes you happy. As long as you are not hurting anyone, including yourself, go for it. You might upset some people in the process. But, ultimately, it is your life.

Leila is co-owner of Data-Scribe(tm) in New Mexico. Their newsletter, the "Micro-Business Gazette" provides tips and resources to empower small businesses. Leila's unique approach to professional development is captured in her workshop program and forthcoming book called "Driving to Success: Let Your Spirit Take the Wheel". www.datascribe.biz

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