Top Five Reasons to Cultivate Your Creativity

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Cultivating your creativity is more than spending time with a hobby or performing and displaying your work. Cultivating your creativity takes time, awareness and deliberate action.† Creativity like any other skill, needs to be nurtured and affirmed, as well as directed, in order to expand throughout your life. Creativity crosses all barriers,cultures,even when styles differ and philosophies change. Creativity never changes.† Itís time to put away those past negative influences, including no more starving artist scenarios.† Letís explore what creativity really is.

REASON ONE:† Creativity is born in movement, be it physical, intellectual, enmotional or spiritual or any combination thereof. When you perceive change going on in your life , some part of the creative process is on the move.

REASON TWO: Training yourself to create art regularly contributes significantly to making an idea work by exploring, expanding, building,† performing or sharing it.

REASON THREE The creative process takes time. However, it can be structured and directed. You can finish your creative projects on or before your deadline.

REASON FOUR: Creativity stretches your comfort zone. Practicing a creative skill, takes time, concentrated effort and consistent work. I know that I feel angry as I progress through the first phrase of the creativity process. I struggle to admit that I need to practice, that I donít know everything, that I donít need help and that† in spite of these thoughts, I can still make progress using my skills.† I am not comfortable when I fail to meet my expectations. When I complete one creative project. I know that Iíve done a good job.† My next challenge is to patiently repeat the first phase of mechanical† learning for as long as it takes, to complete my next job. My reward is to become more comfortable using my creative skills ,over and over again.

REASON FIVE:† Creativty† is fun. I love looking at numerous possibilities. Itís wonderful to be able to freely interpret and produce a creative product.


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