Wedding Ceremonies – Ideas for Non-Religious Ceremonies

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Gone are the days when all wedding ceremonies were conducted in religious surroundings and required the blessing of God. Whilst the majority of people still opt for a traditional ceremony, more and more people are looking at new and innovative ways to get married.

When planning wedding ceremonies, it is important to think carefully about what you hope to achieve, what sort of atmosphere are you going to create and, indeed, what your guests would enjoy. The wedding day, itself, should be planned with the bride and groom in mind; however, it is always wise to consider your guests. Just think about it, getting married whilst descending white water rapids may not be such a good idea if few of your guests can swim!

Although wedding ceremonies can take place in almost any type of environment, you should ensure that the individual conducting your ceremony is licensed, so that you can be certain that your wedding is legally valid.

People are becoming more and more imaginative when it comes to wedding ceremonies, in an attempt to be different from the rest. Of course, if both bride and groom enjoy a similar hobby, a theme may be very obvious. For example, if you are both divers, getting married under water or maybe bungee jumping if you both enjoy throwing yourselves off bridges!

Not all wedding ceremonies are as dramatic as these, non-religious options; but simple ceremonies, in general, are becoming increasingly popular. Not only are people opting for simplicity, because it tends to work out cheaper, but also because of the increase in the number of second weddings taking place. Couples, especially second time round, are generally keen to ensure that they opt for smaller, elite gatherings of close friends and family, with a stronger emphasis on quality rather than quantity.

Many venues now offer the complete service and it is well worth looking at your favorite hotels to see if they have a license to perform wedding ceremonies. By keeping everything in one venue it will be easier to control the flow of the day and to ensure that guests are not concerned with transport, throughout the day.

Even the vows taken during wedding ceremonies are becoming more modern and tailored to an individual’s desire. Those getting married can now write their own vows so that they really mean something special for their individual circumstances.

Arguably, the trend towards creating your own wedding ceremonies allows individuals to really put their own stamp on their special day. After all, it is your day so why shouldn’t you have it all your own way?

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