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A Western Wedding Done CHEAP

Can be done at reasonable price, if you have the friends and family to help you out. If not about what you know, but rather who you know, When it comes to cost cutting corners. I'm not going to expect everyone to be able to reproduce what I did, but hopefully it will get you thinking on what people can do for you.

My wedding was simple, yet was able to accommodate my needs.

I wanted a wedding, where everyone who we wanted to attend could.

I didn't want to worry about Drunk Driving, and worrying about the guests to get home safe.

About 140 adults and about 30 some children showed up to my wedding..

So the brainstorm started. How about an outside wedding. I originally wanted a barn dance wedding, but that was out of the question no one was willing to give me their barn.

So I opted to rent tents. To rent tents cheap, try town halls, or a place in charge of out door activities a lot of the time for fairs, they have these, and with enough time and notice you may get lucky. I paid $300 for the tents. Next Tables and Chairs. I contacted the local high school who had a cafeteria, and got the use of the chairs for the weekend for free. We hauled the chairs and tables with horse trailers.

The ceremony was a Justice of the Peace.

The dress, my mother in law made for me. Cost of material was $150.00. Although a good friend of mine got her wedding dress at the dry cleaners for $75.00. Lots of people take their wedding dress to the cleaners, and can't afford to take them out, or either that they move, or divorce. My friend had a huge puffy dress, with tons layers and a long train. Simply gorgeous.

Brides maid dresses. I sent them all $25 each toward their dress as their Wedding part gift, and sent them all ( I had 5 ) to the nearest city to buy their dresses. I just told them black sun dresses. They came back looking identical.

Groomsmen wore black jeans, and rented Western tuxedo tops and shirts, and stuff, and wore black shoes of any sort. Instead of boutonnières made of flowers, they wore miniature cowboy hats wrapped around with colored ribbon. None of my groomsmen wore cowboy hats, as none of them were any sort of real farm boys.

Flowers - Didn't have any. I made fans instead for everyone, including the flower girls. This was a lot of work and still cost approximately $20. 00 a piece. Doing it again, I would have opted for single white roses, for a cheaper and less hassle experience.

Supper was a cold supper, We baked the stuff previous, at different ovens. We did Turkey and Ham, all bought at the previous holiday when it was on sale. Friends of the family donated their time and money and made salads. Friends of the family also served and got the food ready to buffet style. We did purchase plastic plates, cups, spoons etc. For Dessert we did Ice cream and strawberry's, and the wedding cake. We did Buffet Style, including the bride and groom and wedding party.

The wedding cake, my sister in law made, she had a book on making wedding cakes, and had always did kids cakes, and cakes for special occasions. So she did up a fake one, and a real one, the Real one was plain, and the fake one had the topper.

Decorations. A helium tank that cost $75 and balloons. The Wedding was White, Hunter Green, and Black. so that was the color of the balloons and ribbons. For the wedding center piece I made Wedding books. Which consisted of taking Reader Digest books and gluing the pages down so it made a permanent book fold in the middle, painted the inside white, and sides black then Glued hand made page that Read our names and date, with two little rings in the center. We then hot glued ribbon and roses on the edges, with lace, and made a small loop with ribbon to hang add helium balloons to at each table. cost about $2.00 each and a lot of time doing them. I just had bridal parties, called up the girls, drank wine, and did centerpieces.

Wedding Favors were just mints wrapped in tole and had ribbons tied on them.

Out door weddings, You have to create outdoor bathrooms. My parents house was close, as it was in their back yard, but when you have over 100 people over, you need to accommodate, so we rented one Port A Potty cost was about $75.00

While planning the wedding, Two of my dads friends offered to carry the bridal party, and groom party in their horse and wagons. After the wedding they drove all guests around as well, till the horses got tired.

The bar was believe it not, BYOB- Bring your own Booze. We only bought wine for each table at the wedding, and for the bridal party, and immediate family a Keg of Beer. We had the wedding at my parents farm. Everyone pitched a tent, or brought their holiday camping trailers, etc. Nobody had far to walk. Most people did stay over.

Pictures - I was lucky - I had a cousin who did photography as a hobby, So he was free to use, just had to pay for developing the film.

The dance. No Dj, just a great stereo, and pre-mixed tapes, done ahead of time. Which is easier to do today with current technology. Everyone just danced on the grass.

Midnight supper, was all just leftovers from the supper.

The Gift Opening was done the night of the wedding after the supper and before the dance, to get rid of the dead air space between entertainment, and since a lot of people were leaving the following morning, this way they all got to see what we got for gifts, and gave them some entertainment as well.

Everyone had a great time, and many people re created the same wedding after-wards, in near by towns, after hearing about what a wonderful way to do this type of wedding.

Hopefully this article inspired you on ways to cut costs down on your wedding for your big day, after all its not about the wedding, its about the marriage. Weddings last one day, and your marriage is suppose to last forever.

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Theresa Bruce is an online business women and has been doing online marketing on the net for over 3 years. She is happily married and has two kids.

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