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The unwritten “reality” of letter writing

You may wonder why I have chosen this title of this post. Well from my experience is that it is really hard to put the feeling into words about what letter writing means to me. Letter writing is becoming a lost art on many levels. It is fading into the background of society. It is still practised by many people. It is those people that I am looking to connect with. I have been told by many people whom have read my posts that they feel the same way about letter writing as I do. I want to hear from those people what they feel; I want to hear their words.
I think that it is so important that we embrace the things that we are passionate about. In this case, I want people from all walks of life, all over the world. Put a pen to paper that is letter writing; pen pals, snail mail whatever it is you call it and tell your story about what writing and receiving actual physical mail in the mail box means to you.
For me I love the whole process from finding kwel and interesting stationary, note cards, ticklopes (they are so cute) to stickers, to colour full envelopes to tuckins to put in the envelopes. For me it is to make others happy to see a letter to them in their box.

I want to hear from you yes you the one reading this post. I know you love to get a letter addressed to you? Who doesn’t? Is there some that you have kept? If so? Why? When? How? Yes I want all the 5 W’s answered. The reason is I think that it is important to have book that expresses just how important this art of letter writing is to our society. I have heard from a publisher that they are interested. Now I just have to create the masterpiece called the unwritten “reality” of the lost art of letterwriting.

Help me help shine the light on this amazing gift so that it doesn’t disappear from the future. If you want more info please feel free to contact me. I have more to share as always. If you can think of other places to post or spread the word please do. This is dedicated to you. I would appreciate any help in getting the word out. I don’t think that I could do this book justice with out having fellow letter writers sharing their experiences about the passion of this amazing hobby.

Tamara Stevens
6 Commodore Ave
Sackville, NS B4E 3B2 Canada

Tamaras_snails@lalw.org / http://www.lalw.org

I am 29 year old female from halifax, ns canada. I grew in a small coastal community on the coast of the bay of fundy.

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