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Searching for a Home Based Business
"Work hard and you will reap great rewards and benefits" How many times have we heard those words? Although this is not a false statement. The definition of "work hard" varies from person to person. We have all been taught that working hard...
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How to Get Unstuck as a Home-Based Business Owner
Many home-based business owners experience overwhelm, lack of focus and yes, even self-doubt.  It doesn't matter if they've been in business two weeks or 10 years, the common challenges remain.  The good news is they can be overcome and...
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Free Home Business Resources Can Provide Good Advice

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Finding a good home business resource for your start-up business doesnít have to be expensive. There are many home business resources out there for free and some for a minimal fee. When you need advice and help starting your home business, resources of the federal government can assist as well as associations and organizations that specialize in helping small business owners. Often times, large corporations or donors financially support these types of groups. So, finding the best home business resource for you can be quite inexpensive.

One free home business resource to consider is the Small Business Administration. Their website is perhaps on the most useful on the Web for the small businessman. They have information on starting a business from the ground up. From tax advice to marketing tips, the Small Business Administration can help. Also, they offer sample forms and templates in which you can form your business plan. They can also provide information on patents and trademarks, sources for capital, and they host business plan workshops. Contact the Small Business Administration for more tips on how they can be a home business resource for you.

Another very popular home business resource that is free is the Service Corps Of Retired Executives (SCORE.) This organization is composed of retired business owners and leaders that voluntarily provide their leadership and services to the public at large. Their mission is to provide free consultation to small business owners whether they have any knowledge of the business world or not. You can contact your local chapter of SCORE by looking in the telephone book or on their website. They also offer email volunteers to answer your questions.

Here is a listing of government agencies that you can use as home business resource. From the Bureau of Labor Statistics, you can get pricing information to see how your productís pricing compares with the national average. The Internal Revenue Service can be a positive home business resource, believe it or not. They have a hotline to help answer tax questions all during the year, not just until April 15th. The Department of Labor can give you information on current labor laws and advice on how to protect your pension. A host of free home business resources are available for the small business owner to help them get ahead

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