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Refinancing Your House - How To Know Whether To Refinance Or Get A Second Mortgage
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2nd Mortgage - Better Than Refinancing

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You have probably received refinancing offers in the mail or advertised online touting your ability to pull out your homeís equity. But a 2nd mortgage, also called an equity loan, may be a better financing option than refinancing your mortgage. 2nd mortgages are ideal when you just want to tap into your equity, plan to move soon, or are unsure about the amount you want to borrow.

Tapping Your Equity

Tapping into your homeís equity is best done through a 2nd mortgage if you already have a low interest loan. Typically, applying for a 2nd mortgage requires fewer fees than refinancing a mortgage. 2nd mortgages are also paid back sooner, so your interest payments are less.

Short-Term Loan

With the costs involved in refinancing, you typically need to keep the loan for about two years to break even. However, with a 2nd mortgage you donít have those fees to worry about recovering. 2nd mortgages do have minimum balance and early pay off fees, but they are significantly less than refinancing fees.

Flexible Loan Amount

A 2nd mortgage allows you to take out your homeís equity over the course of several years. The money can be accessed with a check, ATM card, or direct deposit, depending on how you set up your account with the lender. Additionally, you only pay interest on the money that you have withdrawn.

Higher Approval

Lenders tend to be more lenient with approving 2nd mortgages. Since the amount usually is less than a traditional loan, lenders remain confident that they will receive payment. If you have had a few credit glitches in the past two years, think about going with a 2nd mortgage.

2nd Mortgage Mistakes

2nd mortgages arenít for everyone. You should weigh the cost of PMI and payments when choosing your financing options. Borrowing more than 80% of your homeís value will subject you to private mortgage insurance.

Your monthly payments should also be a factor in your decision. By taking out equity when refinancing your home, you will have a lower payment than if you had both a mortgage and 2nd mortgage payment. Also, if you refinance in the future, you will have to pay off your 2nd mortgage.

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