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97% Of American Homeowners Overpay Their Lender In Mortgage Interest Every Month.
97% Of American Homeowners Overpay Their Lender In Mortgage Interest Every Month. If you own a home, have just re-financed or are shopping for a mortgage, you’ll be outraged. Housing: Americans across the country were shocked to hear of a new poll...
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A Guide to Getting a Bad Credit Remortgage

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There are several reasons why you might be in the market for a bad credit remortgage. You might be wanting to try to lock in a lower interest rate, or perhaps you simply need to use the bad credit remortgage as a way to consolidate some of your debts.

Regardless of your reasoning, securing a bad credit remortgage can sometimes seem like a daunting task… in the end, though, it's usually much easier than you might think.

Defining bad credit

If you're looking for a bad credit remortgage, then you already know (or at least have a suspicion) that your credit is less than perfect.

If you're like a lot of people, though, you might not be exactly sure what this means or how credit is determined.

Your credit rating is a numerical score that's given to you based upon reports from your previous creditors, who are the people who have issued you a credit line or a loan in the past.

If you've made your payments on time, then they send in a positive report and your credit rating goes up.

If you've missed payments or defaulted on your debts (meaning that you didn't pay them back), then they issue a negative report and your credit rating goes down.

The lower your credit rating score is, the more of a risk it's considered to lend you money… after all, if you've had problems repaying your debts in the past then it's reasonable for lenders to thing that there's at least a decent chance that you'll have those same problems in the future.

This makes it much harder to get loans and credit offers, and the ones that you do get usually have much higher interest rates and require some form of security deposit or collateral.

The bad credit remortgage

A mortgage is a special type of loan, used to purchase a home or other real estate and using that same property as collateral for the loan.

The mortgage lender has a legal claim to the property, so if you fail to repay your loan then they can repossess and sell the house or real estate.

A bad credit remortgage is a mortgage loan designed for people with lower credit scores, and is issued on property that you already own (and may or may not still have a mortgage on.) Since the house or real estate serves as collateral, you're more likely to be approved for a bad credit remortgage than some other loans… meaning that the bad credit remortgage can be used in the place of the loans that you weren't approved for.

It can also be used to restructure payments on your previous mortgage (since the new loan pays off the old one, and is for a lower total amount) and reduce monthly payments, usually with a slightly lower interest rate.

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