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Become A Mortgage Auditing Specialist

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According to U.S. Government Auditors more that 45% of all home mortgages and 75% of home equity loans contain miscalculations or errors in favor of the lender. These errors are costing homeowners to be overcharged billions of dollars per year, and with the number of home mortgages being refinanced because of low interest rates, the figures can only increase.

This problem presents a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs that would like to enter into the Mortgage Auditing Industry. As a mortgage auditor you will help homeowners recover refunds from errors that are due to them, these refunds average $1500 per homeowner.

Consumer Mortgage Reduction Service is looking for people willing to become mortgage auditors. No special skills are required to become an auditor and all processing and calculations are done by CMRS, and auditing specialist can earn up to $300 per client. So if you have the ability to market a program that will allow you to earn a substantial income, then mortgage auditing is for you.

To find out how you can start a successful career as a Mortgage Auditor, and start earning an income you can be proud of. Visit Consumer Mortgage Reduction Service‘s website to find out more at http://www.consumermortgagereduction.com

Consumer Mortgage Reduction Service provides entrepreneurs with the opportunity to start successful equity acceleration and auditing businesses. for more info visit: http://www.consumermortgagereduction.com


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